CC & Associates

CC & Associates Services

Free Consultation. The initial consultation is always free. After careful review your situation and concerns, Mark will:
  • Provide you with an investigative analysis.
  • Outline a plan of action.
  • Give you an estimate of how long the process should take.
  • Estimate the cost.
CC & Associates Areas of Specialization
Our Investigators specialize in the following areas:
  • Pre-employment reports
  • Hazardous & difficult process service
  • Child custody investigations
  • Care giver/nanny background & screening
  • Surveillance, vehicle and pedestrian
  • Interviews of witnesses, victims, and suspects
  • Background investigations (covert and overt)
  • Public records searches- real person hand record searches
  • Mortgage and insurance fraud investigations
  • Missing person investigations
  • Child Abuse Investigations
  • Corporate and criminal investigations

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